Filter & Best Air Services provides commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services to keep your professional kitchen clean, safe and compliant in the Pittsburgh region.


Filter & Best Air Services provides commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services to keep your professional kitchen clean, safe and compliant in the Pittsburgh region.

We can help you stay NFPA 96 Fire Code compliant while improving the quality of your kitchen.

Filter & Best Air Services specializes in the deep cleaning of all types of commercial kitchen hood exhaust systems. Although we utilize a variety of methods to professionally clean hoods, duct-work, and exhaust fans, the two most common techniques used are high pressure power washing and manual grease removal. These two techniques are often used together to effectively clean a system.

We offer regular interval cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems and will be happy to perform routine inspections of the system, after your initial cleaning, to determine the appropriate maintenance schedule of cleaning.

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Sani-Mist Treatment

This is an EPA Approved product that kills the COVID-19 Strain of Coronvirus.

To prevent the spread of disease, your area can be disinfected by Best Air Services Sani-Mist technicians. Electrostatic spraying is registered, hospital grade disinfectant. This state of the art technology addresses dangerous disease-causing pathogens and is uniquely designed to protect you -EPA Reg No.:82972-1

Our great product can be applied to Residential or Commercial locations. This product is Eco-Friendly, Non-toxic and safe to use around Food, Children, Pets and can be applied to hard and soft surfaces.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Exhaust hood cleaning is extremely important.

It does not matter how large or small your commercial kitchen is or what volume of food is produced. In time, combustible grease and oil builds up in all hoods. Everyone in the building could be in danger if these combustibles ignite.

Hood cleaning and maintenance is critical for keeping your exhaust system functioning at top performance.

Grease Filter Exchange

Grease filters within your kitchen exhaust system exist to reduce the amount of vaporized grease that ends up within your exhaust system ducts, where it can cause a flash fire. Clean filters can trap up to 70-80 percent of the grease passing through them. If your filters are saturated with grease, they can’t do their job properly and you will end up with reduced efficiency of your system and a dangerous grease accumulation right above your cooking appliances.

Investing in regular grease filter replacement and cleaning will help reduce your risk of fire and avoid its potentially devastating impact on your business.

Dryer Ducts

Commercial kitchen exhaust ducts are coated with grease, oil, and other residues that may ignite and cause fire to spread rapidly throughout the entire system. One in every four accidental fires in commercial buildings are attributed to cooking and exhaust systems.

It is vital to keep kitchen ducts clean.

Our cleaning system reduces the risk of kitchen fires, improves ventilation and enhances the entire working environment.

Range Cleaning

Maintaining hygiene standards is essential in the food preparation industry. Our service helps you maintain a high standard of hygiene in your kitchen.

While commonly used cleaning equipment such as multi-purpose cleaners, bleach and regular wiping cleans certain surfaces, it is the bacteria in hidden crevices that can evade the kitchen and become a health hazard. Our system removes burnt on carbon and fat deposits ensuring any potentially harmful bacteria are eliminated.

Grease Traps

Regular grease trap cleaning helps prevent backups inside and outside your restaurant and stops grease from entering the municipal sewer line.

Whether you are in need of scheduled maintenance grease trap cleaning or an immediate grease pumping service… we are ready to help you.

We make certain that your device is fully pumped, removing all content from top to bottom.

Smoke Eaters

Statistics show it takes only 10 seconds for someone to realize there is something wrong with the smell of a bar/pub lounge area. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Spraying air freshener in a room works for only a few moments. You need another solution.

Smoke eaters are devices that remove smoke and odors from a room. It will remove tobacco smoke, as well as pollen, dust, vapors and many other irritants.

Removing tobacco smoke from the air requires a significant carbon filtration process. The process requires a heavy duty filter, and a very heavy duty fan to move air through it. We only use commercial grade equipment to ensure proper filtration and air flow.

Air Filter Exchange

Stop wasting money.

Replacing your air filters on a specified frequency will alleviate stress on your HVAC equipment. Better efficiency from your air handling units will lower operating costs.

Our filter costs are much lower than full-service HVAC companies, and as a result, our HVAC air filter replacement service is more cost effective.

Pressure Washing – Hot or Cold Water

Sidewalks, Driveways, Dumpsters, Decks, Loading Docks, Fences, Brick Walls, and Parking Lots

  • Using Hot Water adds a sanitization factor
  • Hot water kills mold and mildew
  • Removing grease, grit and gum
  • Eliminates contaminants
  • Creates a clean, healthy and safe environment

When the job is finished, we leave you with a fully cleaned area that usually looks years younger than its pre-washing appearance.

Autobody Paint Booth Filter exchange 

A dirty filter can negative affect the efficiency of the paint booth as well as the health and safety of your workers. Each filter will last for a certain number of spray hours before it needs to be replaced. The better the filtration the better the paint job.

Food Truck Cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Pittsburgh area mobile food businesses.

Our services include thorough interior and exterior cleaning, grease trap maintenance, exhaust hood cleaning, and sanitation of kitchen equipment. Filter & Best Air Services understands the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment in food trucks to comply with health regulations and provide customers with a positive dining experience.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail makes us a trusted partner for food truck owners and operators seeking top-notch cleaning services in the Pittsburgh area.

Pittsburgh Area Food Truck Cleaning

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